Free Your Mind


Freeing my mind involves managing the space around me.  I do not like a lot of clutter or piles of STUFF:  Paper clutter, clothes that need to be folded and put away, emails and telephone calls that need to be returned.  I strive to be organized and committed to a daily routine.  I was doing very well, but something happened to throw me off course.  Instead of trying to retrace my steps and waste energy trying to figure out what broke my stride, I am moving forward to getting things back in order.  First order of business, tackle the piles that I can physically see!  If I can relieve the negative stimulation caused by seeing the physical clutter, I think it will greatly improve my mental state of being.

I keep getting an electronic reminder of my goal to have my spring cleaning completed by March 31st.  Unfortunately, because I haven’t been as active towards attaining the goal, I find the ‘friendly reminder” quite annoying!  It is time to implement a new strategy that will give me small successes to celebrate.  Since I do not have an entire day or any other huge block of time to complete the task – I will do 30 minutes a day until the task is completed.  I put this strategy into play yesterday, and it was a wonderful feeling to see how much that I was able to accomplish in 30 minutes.  Stop being so hard on yourself and break down that daunting task to 30 minutes a day.  You’ll see progress, and you will be motivated to move forward until the task is completed!


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  1. When I first started my blog, projectwhitespace, my idea was to do some of these projects to clear the clutter in my life. What I soon learned was that I couldn’t limit it to set projects. Whitespace for life (free of clutter) means its something I have to do all the time. It’s a mindset. I totally understand what you mean about not having clutter and being organized in life.

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