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Beach Bag Tote

Great craft  idea from


What you’ll need:

  • Colorful canvas tote (not white or cream)
  • Fabric paint in orange, yellow, green, blue, light blue, pink, cream, white, tan, black
  • Fabric foam stamps: star, fish, shell, alphabet
  • Paint brushes: liner, medium flat, large scruffy
  • Textile medium (only if using regular acrylic paints)

How to make it:

  1. Iron the canvas tote to ensure a flat surface for painting on.
  2. First stamp on the fish. Paint each stamp, one fish is orange the other is green. Press down firmly onto the surface of the tote. Carefully lift off the stamp.
  3. The fish may be too light if you are using a dark tote bag. Use a medium flat paint brush to add more paint to the fish designs.
  4. Using the liner brush, paint in the small details on the fish such as the fins and eyes. On the…

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