Life is an Exquisite Journey:

Focsi Mama reminds us that clutter impacts every aspect of our being. Start decluttering today!

Originally posted on Focsi Mama Speaks:

apologies for the lag in posting. we’ve been moving…now that we are settled: here we are!

moving made me realize how much “stuff” we have, even though we “purge” throughout the year, and attempt to maintain a clutter free space (physically, mentally, spiritually, and materially). in an even greater effort to declutter and simplify our lives, during our unpacking, we are going to separate items into 3 piles: keep, give, sell. the criteria is simple for determining what goes where: do we need it or have we used it recently; then we ask do we love it?

love is the key. keep in your life and surround yourself with love. people you love. work you love. a space you love (granted this make take a little time, energy, and effort to create…it is possible). look around what can you unpack from your life? consider: who/what loves you back (meaning what…

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