Jordan Burroughs, Olympic Gold Medalist Puts Sicklerville, NJ in the World’s Spotlight!!


When I came to Washington, DC to go to college, I was caught off guard by this question everyone asked me when I said that I was from Sicklerville, New Jersey.  Most people had never heard of Sicklerville, NJ  and would ask “What exit are you?”  I had no idea what the reference was until someone clarified that they wanted to know the NJ Turnpike exit that was closest to my hometown.

My only reference to the NJ turnpike was exit 7A – the exit to Great Adventure.  Oh we had some grand times hanging out at the amusement park during my childhood years!  I couldn’t tell you anything else about the NJ Turnpike if I needed to save my life.  I did later find out that although my travel mostly took me on I295 and I95 – the closest NJ Turnpike exit is Exit 1, right at the foot of the Delaware Memorial Bridge.

Everywhere I went, no one seemed to know about Sicklerville, NJ.

Until yesterday – Olympic Freestyle wrestling Gold medalist JORDAN BURROUGHS, of Sicklerville, New Jersey, celebrates upon defeating his powerful Iranian opponent for the Gold. New Jersey is very proud of its native son. (August 10, 2012) — RAM

Join me in celebrating Jordan’s success and the recognition of a small town called Sicklerville, NJ – where dreams really do come true!

I just happened to run across Jordan’s tweet this morning “alliseeisgold Waking up this morning as an Olympic Champ is unreal. My dreams have come true! Truly thankful to God for his blessings! No dream is to big!”

What a way to start the day!  Congratulations Jordan and thanks for letting the world know about Sicklerville, NJ!

Peace and Love!


Visit Jordan Burrough’s website to learn more about his career.

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