In the Natural Hair Salon we will celebrate the beauty of natural hair.  My mother passed down one of the most amazing gifts to me. She genetically gifted me the beauty of pre-mature gray hair. My grandmother Lessie Palmer had beautiful, long silver hair. My mother’s crowning glory was a silver halo.

I have not colored my hair in over 12 years and consciously chose to stop putting chemicals in my hair in 2009.  When I decided to cut my hair in March of 2009, it was a way to lessen the time and maintenance that was involved in maintaining my chemically treated hair.  Little did I know that there was this movement back to our “roots.”   My first introduction to the Natural Hair Blogger phenomenon was following Natural Chica on Facebook.  She wore the most creative natural hair styles and it was really my first introduction to Youtube as an instructional video tool.  Yes – I am old school – and all of this social media is still very new to me.  But I have learned so much from the individuals that have taken their passion to such a level as to share valuable information on how to maintain healthy natural hair.  I am not a product junkie and I refuse to get caught up in the consumerism of the natural hair industry.  However, I do very much embrace the versatility of managing my natural hair and exploring new hairstyles.  My hair is my personal signature.  I wear my silver tresses with pride, grace and sophistication. The silver doesn’t age me at all.  In fact, I think it empowers me and gives me strength to be my true authentic self .

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