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25 Things Every Woman Should Have By The Time She Turns 25

25 Things Every Woman Should Have By The Time She Turns 25

Life is an Exquisite Journey:

To all of my daughters and young female friends. Be intentional about the life you want to live. For all of my older sister friends, we still have time to complete this list. Love you! Michelle

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

1. Enough confidence to no longer feel the need to justify what she eats, who she dates or what she wears, not only to other people, but to herself. 

2. The goal of a bank account with a few months’ living expenses in it, if she doesn’t have that already. Just in case.

3. Only the phone numbers, Facebook friends, weekend plans, and roommates she actually wants.

4. A best friend who is like a sister.

5. A space of her own.

6. A good idea of what she needs in a romantic relationship, not just what she wants, or what she thinks she needs, and the willingness to explore different people and other ideas to find what exactly that is.

7. A closet of what she considers to be her “staples,” and among these things, something to wear to an interview, funeral, wedding, impromptu Friday night drink at a casual bar…

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Newsletter: Spring 2014


Originally posted on Connecting generations of Hoyas…:

Dear Hoya Gateway Volunteers,
In May, Hoya Gateway will celebrate it’s one year anniversary. In one short year, over 700 alumni and over 1300 student have joined the program, with over 860 connections made. As we noted when we launched, we are in some ways building the plane as we go, building Hoya Gateway brick-by-brick. Hoya Gateway is a work in progress and is strategically built to be a flexible and responsive platform for student-alumni interactions.  As such, we are excited to launch a new meeting type option for alumni: Job Shadowing. Now, in addition to offering mock interviews, informational interviews, and resume reviews, you can choose to host a student at your place of employment for a ½ day or full day job shadowing experience.  We hope you will consider logging in [] and adding “job shadowing” as a meeting type you are willing to offer.


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In Honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. “Symphony of Brotherhood”


I wanted to share this video with you all in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream Speech.” The music exudes the passion and the urgency of the words of the most powerful speech ever written. Can you hear it? Let’s continue to work toward the Dream.

How Bill’s Road ID saved the day


Life is an Exquisite Journey:

I have recently begun cycling and I do enjoy riding alone because I can explore new trails at my own pace. I think I will look into this Road ID option for identification purposes in case something should happen to me when I am riding.

Originally posted on The Bike Lane Blog:

Bill and Road ID
My Road ID truly saved me that day
From the Road ID Testimonials:
I was recently at a local club’s time trial, and because I work at a fairly popular local shop, I knew at least half of the people there. They all knew me as “Bill from The Bike Lane”, but no one knew much else. During the race, two ladies that had been hiking walked out onto the road that was being used for the race. As I approached them, I said “on your left”, and they turned with a look of “what do you want me to do?”. I was approaching so fast that I asked them to just stay in place. They instead moved right, directly into my path. I swerved and was thrown from my bike into a nearby ditch. I ended up unconscious with lots of road rash and a broken color bone.


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I Love the Train


Life is an Exquisite Journey:

Great post from Bomani! When was the last time that you paid attention to the details of the hustle and bustle of your morning or afternoon commute?

Originally posted on Bomani D. Armah:

L'Enfant_Plaza_station_crossvaultI love the metro train. The train loves me back.  Worn out carpets with chewing gum polka dots.   The Saturday morning train ride is the best.  It’s nice and quiet; mostly tourists getting a jump on the National Mall, or the poor guy who can’t believe his manager scheduled him on the weekend.  They are traveling live art installations; graffiti played out in between speeding walls.  On the outskirts of town trains are empty enough that I can let my sons stand holding the poles in the aisle, as long as they don’t spin around.  I used to let them spin around on the poles (something I probably wouldn’t let them do if they were girls…yeah, I know), but now they’re growing faster than my bank account.  They need to know that the train is a serious place, where they are no longer the cute little toddlers everyone will love.  …

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Life is an Exquisite Journey:

Great perspective on co-parenting.

Originally posted on Bomani D. Armah:

“It didn’t work out with me an your mom
But yo push come to shove
You were conceived in love”

–   Will Smith (Just the Two of Us)

bike ridingIf you had told me my night would go like this, being out bowled by not one, but two six year olds, I would have never believed you.  But here I was, Bomani Armah, in the middle of a suburban MD bowling alley.  4 year-old birthday parties crescendo into “how old are you!!” to our right.  Twenty-somethings on double dates try to alternatively look cool and cute as they bowl to our left.  Olu Armah is hurling duck-pin balls at unsuspecting pins like Aung bending fire.  The projectile ricochets off of the left bumper, then the right bumper, then lines itself up right down the middle.  Dela, his twin brother and partner in crime, is giving vivid play by play of the…

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