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Exquisite Haiku: I Speak With Conviction


I Speak With Conviction


The rhythm of verse

Filled with passion and purpose

Expanding your mind


by Michelle Lynn Thompson 08/10/2012


Life is an Exquisite Journey:

As a lover of Haiku’s I thought that this post about Jane Hirshfield’s book, The Heart of the Haiku was very interesting. I am looking forward to reading more about my favorite form of expression.

Originally posted on Books, j'adore:

After finishing Imagine last week, I decided to follow the line of thought up with this slim volume about the seventeenth-century Japanese poet Basho, considered to be one of the original developers of haiku. For the last five years, I’ve been keeping my own haiku journal (one entry per day), and although I don’t practice it in its most rigid form, I do consider these tiny poems to be one of my favorite forms of expression, so I was curious to read about Basho’s work in the field.

Unlike Lehrer’s approach however, which I at times struggled with from a scientific perspective, Hirshfield writes a book that’s one (large) part history, one (smaller) part technical breakdown, with a healthy sprinkling of the poet’s own elegant haiku. She tells Basho’s story with an intimate air, as though she personally shadowed his journeys, teachings, and development as a writer across a matter…

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Exquisite Haiku: A Weekend of Firsts


First time at the beach.

First amusement park visit.

All with my best friend!

by Michelle Lynn Thompson




Your Presence 

My heart is so FULL

My mind stimulated – FREE

Just BEING with you

by Michelle Lynn Thompson 07/23/2012


Exquisite Haiku: Your Presence

Exquisite Haiku: I Dance For You


I Dance For You

In movement, I speak

Praising You, Worshipping You

I surrender all

by Michelle Lynn Thompson 


Exquisite Haiku: Spring Salutations


A friendly hello

Easy exchange of ideas

Lightness of being

by Michelle Lynn Thompson 04/14/2012

April is National Card and Letter Writing Month – Send a Poem With Your Letter!


Did you know that April is also National Card and Letter Writing Month, sponsored by the United States Postal Service? It’s always a treat to get a letter, but finding a poem in the envelope makes the experience extra special. Next time you send a letter or holiday hello, treat the addressee to a poem as well. You can put a poem directly into the text of your letter or include a type- or handwritten copy in the envelope.

If you’re sick of all the sentiments at your local card shop, you can make your own poetry greeting cards. Find a poem that fits the occasion, or one that you simply enjoy. Photocopy the poem onto colored paper, print a copy from your computer, or just put pen to paper and hand write a copy. Add a collage or some other artwork, or use rubber stamps to decorate the cover. You can also print one of six blank cards offered by Poets.org. Your letter (and poem) will become a treasured memento to the recipient.

What a another wonderful idea from the Academy of American Poets!