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Fear of Getting Old (#FOGO)


How do we debunk myths and fears?  By having open and honest conversations and gathering factual information so that we can move through the fears and keep them in the proper perspective.  Pfizer conducted a recent survey and reported that over 87% of Americans have a Fear of Getting Old – hence the new Pfizer hashtag #FOGO.  I wasn’t one of the people polled, but I can certainly relate.  As I interact with individuals older than me, I hear some of their daily challenges as they try to plan financially for their extended lives and the different needs that they have during this season of their journey.  It gives me pause and reminds me that I have to be proactive about planning for the quality of life that I want to live as I age.  A lot of that has to do with how I feel about getting older and how I choose to embrace change.

How do you feel about getting old?  Visit the GET OLD website and take the #FOGO Quiz!  I took the quiz and I am the Chairwoman of the Board!  One of my #FOGO is the fear of losing my physical mobility and independence.   After you take the quiz, leave a comment with your results and share a few #FOGOs of your own.  Let’s start and continue a conversation and move forward on this journey so that we can “Fear Less. Live Longer.”

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To read more about the launch of this re-focused campaign read the New York Times article by Stuart Elliott.  Make sure you take a peak at the featured photo for the article!  Yes, that’s me – one of the #FOGO Girls!  I had an Exquisite Modeling Opportunity working on the campaign with the digital advertising team from Huge and photographer GOKATESHOOT.  The experience was a BLAST!  The article in the New York Times with the featured photo that included one of my images was the icing on the cake!  I am so excited about engaging in these conversations!










Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth


One of the wonderful experiences of this exquisite journey is the journey of my natural hair growth.  In March 2009, I did a BIG CHOP.  It’s great to see how much my hair has grown since then!  It’s completely chemical free and color free.  I absolutely love it!Image


The Silver Legacy

When you first showed up, I didn’t know who you were.

But then – I wasn’t expecting you either – I was only in my late 20’s

So I tried to hide your presence.

But then – you started showing up more often, and thought you would bring more of your friends.

Until – you became a force that I could no longer reckon with…

I finally accepted the fact that you were here to stay.

I thought that I would get to know you more intimately, and explore the power of your being.

It wasn’t until about three years ago that I embraced you fully – welcoming your NATURAL state of being.

Your NATURAL curls and BEAUTIFUL color.

I now recognize that my crowning glory is the SILVER LEGACY of the Palmer women.  We wear our silver tresses with grace, boldness and conviction.

I love the versatility that you bring to my life.  Whether sporting braids, two strand twists, bantu knots, twist outs – or my favorite – my afro puff!

You make me feel all woman!

You empower me when I boldly step out with my full silver ‘fro.

You give me a sense of grace, self-confidence, and an eternal connection to the women of my past.

You have become one of the beautiful, unique features that add to my presence of being.

I accept each and every one of you, and will continue to share your beauty with boldness and conviction.

by Michelle Lynn Thompson 04/14/2012

Exquisite Poetry: The Silver Legacy

Interview by Italian Blogger, Ruth Spokky Maccarthy from Natural, Black, and Beautiful



I had a wonderful opportunity to talk with Ruth Spokky about life, lessons learned, new discoveries and natural hair! Click on the link below to read the interview and learn more about Ruth’s blog!


The Natural Woman: Michelle Thompson