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Social Networking Media MaNiA!!!


It seems that the big promotion for electronic communication is that is was going to simplify our lives.  I don’t know about you, but with all of the avenues to be socially engaged, I have become completely overwhelmed.  Perhaps there is a 12-step meeting for Social Networking Media Addiction (SNMA).

As I consider my options, I realize that there are a few things that I can do to try to manage the influx of information from so many sources.

1.  Deactivate the email notifications to my social media accounts and my blogs.

2.  Schedule time during the week to review the activity on my social networking media accounts so that it doesn’t consume so much of my time.

3.  Deactivate my email account on my phone.  I can check my email on my desktop when I get home.

4.  Deactivate e-newsletter subscriptions.  The newsletter will be on the website which I can search for on Google at another time.

5.  Deactivate the email notification of telephone voice messages.

Based on today’s level of engagement, it would seem that these strategies are a bit extreme.  Perhaps I have a secret desire to become a recluse.  Maybe, but I would like to feel more in control of the amount of information that I am exposed to each day.  So I may implement a few of these strategies to see if it helps me to manage the social networking media mania more efficiently.

The long-term goal is to free up more time to spend with family and friends.  I am looking forward to enjoying their company and being in their presence.  I need more human connection in this season of my life.

I’ll share my progress at the next SNMA Meeting.

Peace and Love!


Free Your Mind


Freeing my mind involves managing the space around me.  I do not like a lot of clutter or piles of STUFF:  Paper clutter, clothes that need to be folded and put away, emails and telephone calls that need to be returned.  I strive to be organized and committed to a daily routine.  I was doing very well, but something happened to throw me off course.  Instead of trying to retrace my steps and waste energy trying to figure out what broke my stride, I am moving forward to getting things back in order.  First order of business, tackle the piles that I can physically see!  If I can relieve the negative stimulation caused by seeing the physical clutter, I think it will greatly improve my mental state of being.

I keep getting an electronic reminder of my goal to have my spring cleaning completed by March 31st.  Unfortunately, because I haven’t been as active towards attaining the goal, I find the ‘friendly reminder” quite annoying!  It is time to implement a new strategy that will give me small successes to celebrate.  Since I do not have an entire day or any other huge block of time to complete the task – I will do 30 minutes a day until the task is completed.  I put this strategy into play yesterday, and it was a wonderful feeling to see how much that I was able to accomplish in 30 minutes.  Stop being so hard on yourself and break down that daunting task to 30 minutes a day.  You’ll see progress, and you will be motivated to move forward until the task is completed!