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Exquisite Haiku: Spoken Word Artist


Spoken Word Artist

A lover of verse.

Inspired by spoken words

that express living.

by Michelle Lynn Thompson 04/14/2012

Exquisite Haiku: Spring Salutations


A friendly hello

Easy exchange of ideas

Lightness of being

by Michelle Lynn Thompson 04/14/2012


Life is an Exquisite Journey:

This was very helpful as I establish my creative flow. I have all of these thoughts for conversations, but I never thought to begin the thoughts and then save them as drafts. Thanks for the great tip!

Originally posted on The Daily Post:

On certain days when we start to write, we have an idea in our head and the words just flow, until, that is, they don’t. Perhaps your post isn’t turning out the way you’d like; the topic is controversial and negative reactions are piling up in your head before you even finish. Or maybe the post is about a personal topic, and you’re finding that you’re not ready to publish it. Yet. So your post sits in your Drafts folders, waiting.

With posts like these, it is a useful exercise to work through the issues. Pick one of your draft posts and identify the pain points. Ask yourself what it is that kept you from publishing this point and confront those concerns. If you’re worried about the reaction you’ll receive for a personal, or controversial, post, acknowledge that not everyone will agree with or understand you, but that’s okay. If…

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